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Arugula with Sauteed Mushrooms and Sunny-Side-Up Eggs

A trip to the Farmer’s Market tends to inspire a sharpened focus on vegetables, and in the midst of unpacking an excellent haul of greens, Portabellas, tomatoes and other assorted delights, Sarah called to rave about the arugula and mushroom omlette that she had been served in a converted Birmingham warehouse that now stands as a coffee house/restaurant.

A hefty stash of fresh Baby Bellas

With a fresh supply of arugula, along with a sack full of the meaty baby bellas and a half-dozen eggs, courtesy of my faithful hens,

fern and lemon

I took a stab at a deconstructed omlette of sorts: a layer of fresh arugula, topped with sauteed baby Portabella mushrooms, and topped with a few sunny-side-up eggs.

sauteed baby bellas

fried eggs

Arugula with fried eggs and mushrooms

The mushrooms and eggs managed to wilt the arugula just a bit, as I had hoped, and enjoying all of the ingredients as the distinct stars that they are felt far more fitting for the moment than beating the eggs for an omlette and hiding the vegetables on the inside.