Fresh beets, beet greens, broccoli, baby bella mushrooms, red potatoes, kale, leaf lettuce, carrots

Farmers Market Fuel

Could there be a better way to start a Saturday than a trip to the farmers market? I was so in awe of the beautiful vegetables that I couldn’t bear to just cram them into the crisper — so I made a centerpiece that we could enjoy for the day. Turns out that celery, parsley, carrots, spinach, broccoli, baby portabellas, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, kale and beets make for a fine piece of temporary art.

The greens had to be trimmed from the beets because they were bigger than the platter.  They are washed and ready to be sauteed with a little garlic in a few minutes. My next adventure with beets is going to be beet chips, coated with olive oil and baked with a kosher salt. Stay tuned. Here’s a rundown of the fun I’ve had with beets so far in 2013.