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Broccoli Carrot Cheddar Soup

I’d like to begin with a small rant about soup recipes that are half butter and cream. Butter is a beautiful thing, but the quantity of butter fat in  your basic cream soup recipe should be a violation of some sort of public health code. The bigger picture issue is that broccoli soup tastes a lot better when the broccoli can be tasted, and not smothered in cream. I just happened upon a recipe for Broccoli Cheddar soup from a restaurant chain that’s known for some tasty soups. The recipe that served 4 called for 2 cups of half and half, a stick of butter and two cups of cheddar cheese. I’m not kidding. So I took a stab at reining in the fat and it wasn’t rocket science. Upping the quantity of pureed vegetables is all that’s needed to increase the thickness. This was delicious, and no one at the table requested a side of half and half. Continue reading Broccoli Carrot Cheddar Soup

Vegetarian Chili

And just to review what 100 Ingredients is all about …

We’re not going head to head with Bon Appetit. Tasty, healthy, big flavors that only use ingredients on the one shopping list for the year. YES. That said, this very simple Chili recipe has nothing to apologize for, and when served with cornbread or cornbread croutons on a Friday night after a long week, all is right with the world. Continue reading Vegetarian Chili

Beet Green Quiche in a Brown Rice Crust

Back in the day, beets came in a can.They were never consumed willingly, and one bite sparked an instant headache. I’m not sure whether it’s even possible to buy canned beets anymore, but it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t even be legal. What a gross miscarriage of justice was done to this delightful root vegetable. And don’t even get me started on beet greens. When sauteed with garlic and a little olive oil, there’s absolutely more flavor per square cm. than any other veg out there. The sad part is that the cooked greens are quickly reduced to smithereens, and a tiny portion just doesn’t do. . Hoping to stretch some sauteed beet greens, I took a stab at adding them to a quiche. Continue reading Beet Green Quiche in a Brown Rice Crust

Zucchini, Arugula Lasagne

The first major challenge to my 100-Ingredient mission occurred last night–16 days into 2013. Excited to run with an improvisation that my dear friend Joan had enlightened me to during a great visit last month, I set out to have a little fun with lasagna. Joan had made a lasagna using a layer fettuccine noodles, and since then, the idea of the white flour lasagna sheets has seemed like yesterday’s news. Continue reading Zucchini, Arugula Lasagne

Black Bean Enchiladas

black bean zucchini enchiladas croppedThe lovely and talented Rochelle Quiner introduced us to this colorful variation on enchiladas and it’s become a mainstay around our house ever since. This dish is hearty, healthy, bursting with big flavor. I’ve played with some variations on the ingredients — green and red peppers, a heavier dose of sauteed yellow onions.  I’ve also tried to work the same ingredients into quesadillas. Delicious but tricky. If not handled very delicately, half of the filling can come flying out during the flipping process — but definitely worth a try.   Continue reading Black Bean Enchiladas