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Zucchini, Arugula Lasagne

The first major challenge to my 100-Ingredient mission occurred last night–16 days into 2013. Excited to run with an improvisation that my dear friend Joan had enlightened me to during a great visit last month, I set out to have a little fun with lasagna. Joan had made a lasagna using a layer fettuccine noodles, and since then, the idea of the white flour lasagna sheets has seemed like yesterday’s news. Continue reading Zucchini, Arugula Lasagne

Basil, Arugula and Parsley Pesto

I got turned on to Pesto about 10 years ago in the midst of a  bumper crop of backyard basil. That summer, when we were well stocked with homemade Pesto, I often found myself checking out the tiny tubs of it in the grocery, simply to wallow in the satisfaction of not paying exorbitant prices for the inferior store-bought stuff.  Then last year, my success as a basil grower took a turn. Continue reading Basil, Arugula and Parsley Pesto